Friday, October 14, 2011

Organise your pills..


Terjumpa 1 artikel yang bagus terutamanya untuk pesakit-pesakit SLE yang telan 
berjenis-jenis pill setiap hari..hehe..untuk menyedapkan hati aku cakap makan "gula-gula"..ye lah,macam warna ubat tu kan..:-).SLE ni penyakit yg pelik sikit ,jadi tak payah la makan ubat sebarangan unless diprescribe oleh doktor pakar...terutama SLE yg attack KIDNEY(macam aku)..kena EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA care..sebab "unsure" content dalam "unsure product" tu boleh sebabkan SLE makin aktif & serang kidney kita & organ-organ lain...GAMAT & HERBA adalah benda yg WAJIB DIELAKKAN... kita ikut je lah ,perkara yg telah diprove secara klinikal ni..tu pun salah 1 usaha juga..disamping jangan berputus asa & terus berdoa ....

                   Navigating the supplement & medication maze can get confusing ,especially when u have multiple prescriptions .It is important to organize yourself with your medications and supplements to prevent unnecessary mishaps .Dr Lorraine J.Sudas & Dr Mark S.Lachs(The Star ,9 Oct 2011) offered these key tips on how to stay on track..

  1. Keep a list of your medications with u at all times.
  2. Make sure to include brand and generic names,as well as dosages & frequency.
  3. Include all vitamins and supplements  on the list.
  4. Share the list with every health care provider you come in contact with;whether or not he / she suggests new medicines or medicine change.
  5. Never mix medications in the same bottle even if traveling .Taping an actual pill to your medication list .Can help u identify each medicine.
  6. When u hear about a new drug or a health product ,ask yourself ."Is this base on clinical trial ,an observational study,or only personal endorsement ".
  7. Don't make health decisions on basis of observation's studies.They are interesting to think about,but they don't prove anything.
  8. If u are thinking of buying supplement or drug ,ask your doctor's opinion.Don't take them on the basis of personal testimonials..
               1)The Star ,9 October 2011

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