Wednesday, June 8, 2011

World Kidney Day 2011(Kedah celebration)..11 March 2011..Taman Rimba Alor Setar

World Kidney Day 2011(Kedah celebration)..11 March 2011..precious pictures with Nephro doctors & nurses..:-)..agak meriah celebration ni..ramai jugak patients yang datang untuk bagi support..even aku singgah sekejap je..dapat rasa kemeriahan tu..(hehe..aku singgah sekejap bukan sebab nak curi tulang daripada Walkhaton ya )..huhu

Dr Leong,kak Rahimi,kak Wani,aku

With Kak Wani & Kak Rahimi...kakak -kakak ni helped me a lot with cyclophosphamide chemotheraphy...terima kasih banyak-banyak:-)

With Dr Ching Chen Hua~Ketua Jabatan Nephrology Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah
With Dr Leong Chong Men..Dr Leong who diagnosed me with SLE & suggested to do Renal Biopsy in June 2009..Now,here I am ,living with Lupus Nephritis Class 4(SLE under control)..I owe him a lot because before went to Nephro Clinic,I already went to see some doctors but none of them could diagnose my disease..at that time,really suffered because ate a lots of medicine but my condition was getting worse..thank u very much,Dr Leong!!:-)

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